Ramsey & District Community Bus Association acknowledges and works within the new GDPR in the records it requests, retains, uses and destroys. We require information about the people we agree to volunteer as drivers, committee members and carrying out any administration. Likewise, for any hirer or user organisation, the Association will need to have information records. Please be assured that all information is securely stored and protected as appropriately required by GDPR.

Under the GDP Regulation certain requests for information can be made, these will be considered and responded too, but there may be a fee notified to the enquirer before any action is started. It is the Associations policy to destroy all non-active information in a secure manner and should this happen then any restart of use will attract the full record and fee requirements as a new user.

Vehicles require certain information to be recorded and retained, however, such information is considered outside of the current GDP Regulation. Being covered by various other legal acts and administrative regulation for all road users including Community Minibuses.