We are obliged to charge groups and individuals who want to hire us an annual Registration Fee. We then cover our operating costs by a Mileage Charge relevant to current expenses. Please feel free to enquire when booking.

We have 2, 15 seat minibus, both equipped for disability access, together with a small team of volunteer drivers, dedicated to supporting our objective of providing transport for the various local socially beneficial clubs, groups, societies and qualifying individuals in the area.

To enquire about the availability of one, or both, of our 15 seat Minibuses please contact the Association administration;  hire@ramseybus.org.uk

Due to the Association having several regular bookings during the week it would be beneficial to enquire with as long a time before wanting the bus as possible. Unless you are lucky, making an enquiry within days of wanting a minibus will invariably lead to disappointment. If you or your organisation can provide your own driver, he/she will need registration with the Association for insurance purposes and a Familiarisation with the vehicles at our garage storage unit. Hiring may depend on the availability of a driver, since all our drivers are volunteers and as you can understand they do prefer weekends free, this can make hiring at some times of the week quite difficult. Please bear this in mind when considering your arrangements.


Invoices are sent out from the beginning of the following month following the hiring and we request that payments should be received within 14 days of receipt. Please contact the Association Treasurer with any queries.


Regretfully there may be times when we must introduce a mileage surcharge on all journeys, in the event of a sudden and dramatic increase in any of our expenses, e.g. fuel, insurance, vehicle taxation or servicing, etc. This will means that we will notify hirers in the month which the increase applies and the accounts sent out the month after any cost rise will be calculated at the surcharged rate.

We thank you for your continual support at all times and we assure you we keep our costs under constant review with the aim of keeping our charges as low as possible.

Treasurer and Billing enquiries :- Richard Tydda
Tel; 01487 813786